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DF 5050-12V-60Digital RGB

:::Electrical Parameter:::  
Color RGB
Luminous Intensity 3000mcd
Max power 18W/M
Voltage DC12V Input
Current 1.2 A/M
Cut length 3 LED/50mm
PCB Width 10mm/3oz/ WHT
Connection 4*20AWG / R'-'/G'-'/B'-'/ BLK'+'
Packing  Carton box
Installation VHB 5952 3M tape
Max run length 5meters
Lifespan & warranty 50,000Hrs /5years
Dimmable Yes 
Beam Angle 120°
Certificate CE, RoHS, UL
IC Type WS 2811; SK 6812
Pixel 20 Pixel
1. Length per roll: 5m/ 16.4ft;
2. Cuttable and re-connectable for every 3 LEDs (12V);
3. Connection possible at the reel end or at the marked cut points;
4. Available CCT: (3 Step MacAdamEllipse, 1bin only) 
*+/-50K or +/-75K CCT range for Warm White and Nature White;
 *+/-100K or +/-150K for Cool White;
5. CRI>80+RA / 85+RA/ 90+RA/ 95+RA for excellent efficiency and color consistence;
6. Epistar brand LEDs;
7. Advanced thermal control and low heat generation, 2-5Oz double sided thick copper PCB;
8. Gold bonding wire, copper lead frame;
9. UL Listed Cables: 18/20 AWG;
10. Various IP Ratings available for any indoor or outdoor lighting;
11. Easy and flexible installation with 3M adhesive backing: 55280 3M Tape or VHB 5952 3M permanent bonding adhesive tape;
12. Aluminum profiles, power supplies, controller and other accessories available;
13. Dimmable;
14. UL, RoHS, CE, FCC listed.
Energy efficent and eco-friendly;
Perfect for various indoor & outdoor tape light and linear lighting projects;
Incredible bright and comfortable visual experience;
Easy of installation;
More than 50,000 hours rated life;
5 years, 8 years or life-time warranty.
Indoor & outdoor linear projects
Architectural displays / sides of buildings
Patio and barbecue areas
Accent lighting locations
Under cars and motorcycles
Shop display lighting
Back yard arbors and gazebos
Under cabinet lighting
Outside in signs and under rooftops
Above cabinet lighting
Under counter lighting
Hotel lobbies
Cove lighting
Part No. W5050-12V-60RGB-WS2811 W5050-12V-60RGB-WS2811 W5050-12V-60RGB-WS2811 W5050-12V-60RGB-WS2811 W5050-12V-60RGB-WS2811
CCT 1500-2000MCD 2000-2500MCD 2500-3000MCD 3000-3500MCD >3500MCD